Our Mission

Bees, birds, beetles, and butterflies allow plants to breed, seed and fruit. Pollinating plants responsible for 75% of the world’s crops for human consumption. Bringing us ‘one in every three’ bites of food. Supporting food and shelter for a diverse range of creatures to co-exist, maintaining genetic diversity. Pollinators sustain our ecosystems, as plants produce oxygen and sequester carbon. With our natural environment in crisis and pollinators in decline, this precious resource needs our attention. Our mission is to promote the health of pollinators, through conservation, education, and community projects.

Our Vision

Born from a common passion to connect communities with pollinators, across the land and sea, our vision is to support ecological systems, increase the pollinator footprint locally and champion ocean conservation to strengthen biodiversity. We will benefit the community and wildlife through conservation and community programmes, teaching apiary’s, advocacy and collaborations. Pollinator Pioneers aim to inspire mind-set change with initiatives that value pollinators, our green and blue space, and the vital role of the humble bee in building environmental resilience.

Our Brand Values


We are very passionate about what we do, and are connected to something bigger than ourselves. We know we can make a difference, and we want to bring you with us.


Let’s get this done, try new things, break convention, be persistent, have courage, build a network, inspire people, change the world, restore nature, fix our planet.


We are in this together. Community is much more than belonging to something. It’s about doing something that makes belonging matter.