Working together to make the planet a more vibrant, ecologically diverse and supportive place to live


We want to inspire schools, community groups, colleges, local business and residents (OK, that’s everyone then…) to engage further with our blue and green space, and appreciate the vital role these play in keeping our planet and our people healthy.


As a not-for-profit enterprise we rely on the generous support of others. Do you have skills, talent, experience and time you want to put to good use? If you’re looking for an opportunity to support nature, with a passion for community and pollinators, please get in touch.


If you’re feeling inspired by our projects and want to help make a difference, we’re grateful for all contributions and offers of help, large or small. As a C.I.C, we depend on donations of money, resources, and time. You can set up monthly donations, sponsor a beehive or donate resources to help our local initiatives succeed.

If you would like to get involved, make a difference, and join our growing team of Pollinator Pioneers, please use the form, or contact us on

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