Beekeeping Season 2024 has begun!

Spring is finally here and we have started beekeeping season 2024 

We finished 2023 season at our Brooklands apiary site with hives Honeybun, Liz, Holly, Roger and Ruby, at our Worthing Leisure Centre apiary site, hives Flo, Saskia, Melissa, and a very late merge with Agatha and Bess due to a failing queen, it was too late in the season for the bees to requeen so we decided to merge the 2 hives and keep our fingers crossed, and at Sompting hosting site we have hive Beyonce.

After our first inspection this year we are pleased to advise that the bees have done really well over the winter.

We sadly lost hive Roger at Brooklands, but it was a small colony and was probably just too small. The rest of the hives at Brooklands and the Sompting hive are doing really well, the Queens are busy laying egg’s and the hives are getting busy and bigger quickly 

At Worthing Leisure Centre we were so relieved that the Agatha and Bess merge worked and we now have a strong hive. Colonies are showing healthy signs of fresh worker brood, drone brood, pollen and honey stores, with room to grow. Flo is our main concern at the moment but will see over the next couple of weeks what happens.

We will keep you updated with all the goings on at our apiary sites. So more to follow now the season has officially begun! 

It is so nice to be back with our bees and all our amazing beekeepers…. we have missed everyone.

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