Bees Needs Awards Champions

The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) have awarded us the ‘Bees Needs Awards Champions 2021’ in recognition of the exceptional work we have done to help pollinators thrive. We are exceptionally proud to have received  this plaque in celebration of our hard work this last few years.

The UK’s 1,500 species of pollinators play such a crucial role in all our lives, helping flowers, fruit trees and crops to grow, and contributing around half a billion pounds a year to UK agriculture.

Our transformation of the derelict site at Brooklands, expansion of the Worthing Honey Collective Honeybee footprint, the summer Bees&Seas event, various workshops and junior beekeeping course have contributed to us winning this award.

Defra are very keen to ensure that ‘we all’ act now to ensure we leave our environment in a better state for future generations. We are currently rebranding to ‘Pollinator Pioneers’ with a refreshed focus on nature.

Our mission is to promote the health of pollinators, critical to food and ecosystems, through conservation, education, and community projects.

It is inspirational to know that pollinators are a priority for this government. They are taking action – alongside many partners – to implement the National Pollinator Strategy, raising awareness across society. Our ongoing action and plans is aimed to inspire others to learn more about the importance of pollinators, and hopefully encourage the local community to take their own steps to help pollinators thrive.

We are incredibly grateful to all our partners, funders, hardworking and loyal volunteers and beekeepers.