Brooklands Park Apiary – Hive Liz Inspection

We wanted to share with you a time lapse video showing an inspection at our Brooklands Apiary site.  We are inspecting hive Liz.

We started our inspection in the bottom brood box,  this is so we don’t annoy the bees too much with the hive open so we get straight to the main box.  We are looking for signs that the queen is there so are looking for brood in all stages – this includes eggs, uncapped larvae and capped brood.  If we see eggs then we know that the queen is there and laying as they only remain as eggs for 3 days before they start growing into larvae and the last inspection was a week ago.  We are also looking for any signs that the bees may be thinking of swarming.  Though it is only at the start of the beekeeping season,  the bees can keep us on our toes.

The top box is where the bees will be storing their honey,  there is not much in there at the moment as it is early in the season but soon those frames will be full of delicious honey if the weather stays nice

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Hive Liz