Educational In-Apiary Workshop | June 2023

Red Balloon Worthing

The group: Red Balloon Worthing | June 2023

The lowdown: Thanks to the sponsorship from SOTA Enterprises Ltd at Lancing Business Park, we have been able to provide an educational Apiary workshop for students from Red Balloon School Worthing, learning about pollinator conservation, and participating in a routine Apiary inspection.

The Crew: Red Balloon Worthing is a learning centre, dedicated to children that have self-excluded from mainstream school because of anxiety, severe bullying or other traumatic experiences. Their core purpose is to provide high-quality learning experiences for these young people, alongside therapeutic and well-being activities, to help them get their lives back on track.

Edu Session: We took the students through a two-hour training workshop introducing beekeeping and covering pollinators, the honeybee hive, roles and responsibilities and the beekeeping year.

We suited and booted up and entered the Apiary where we inspected Queen Roger and her colony. This is a lovely calm hive and the bees were on their best behaviour!

These young people were all keen learners and totally fearless in the apiary. Many of them were eager to hold the frames, looking for the queen, drones and workers and spotting cells filled with brood, larvae, pollen and honey stores. We were super impressed with this group’s ability. When back at the school they painted a hive for us.


A huge thank you to the team at SOTA Enterprises for making a difference and sponsoring the day. And a huge thank you to learning centres like Red Balloon for inspiring the next generation of nature lovers.

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