Educational In-Apiary Workshop | June 2023

Shoreham Beach Scout Explorers

The group: Shoreham Beach Scout Explorers | June 2023

The lowdown: The next group to take part in our educational workshops was the Shoreham Beach Scouts Explorer group, learning all about pollinator conservation, and participating in a routine Apiary inspection.

The Crew: Shoreham Beach Scout Explorers are from ages 14 – 17 years. One of the groups focus elements in the academic year is environmental impact and environmental action.  They want to learn more about bees, their environment and positive action the Explorers can implement in future projects.

Edu Session: We took the students through a two-hour training workshop introducing beekeeping and covering pollinators, the honeybee hive, roles and responsibilities and the beekeeping year.

We suited and booted up and entered the Apiary where we inspected Queen Liz and her colony.

The group were great in the apiary. Many of them were eager to hold the frames, looking for the queen, drones and workers and spotting cells filled with brood, larvae, pollen and honey stores. We were very impressed with the group’s keenness to be hands on.

Summary: Thank you both so much for a fantastic bee session and for the snacks. It was a very enjoyable talk and lots of new facts. The Explorers loved the experience and feedback received from some is below:

“It has inspired me to plant bee friendly flowers in my garden.”

“The bees weren’t scary at all.”

“Hello, I enjoyed the bee keeping experience today. I found the extensive time in the “hive” interesting and new. It was nice to listen to a talk that didn’t sound too formal. (A nice break from school).”

“It was so cool. Something we don’t do normally, and we learnt things we didn’t know about types of bees and their roles in the hive.”

“It was so cool to be in with the bees. They were so interesting to see when they landed on us. The guard bees were more aggressive but good to see.”

A huge thank you to the Shoreham Beach Scout Explorer group for wanting to inspire their members and to do more for the environment and become the next generation of nature lovers.

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