Educational Talk | May 2023

Globe Primary School

The School: The Globe Primary Academy | May 2023

Pollinator Pioneers have been teaching again! And yes, Celine got back in the bee suit…

This time we were with the wonderful Year 3 children at The Globe Primary Academy in Lancing. In this session, we covered the 6 keys steps involved in pollination, as well as the Life Cycle of bees – in line with the current teaching curriculum.

Both Lisa and Celine were amazed at the knowledge base across both classes (circa 50 children), the collective enthusiasm for nature and the sheer amount of bee facts the children were excited to share.

In this group of 8 to 9 year olds – we had one Friends of Brooklands Park volunteer and one junior beekeeper!

With children like this – there is hope for our planet yet. Huge admiration to the teachers and parents inspiring the next generation of nature lovers.

Onwards and upwards in our ambition to educate future generations on the importance of the humble bee (and of course all other pollinators).