Educational Talk | May 2024

The Event: Community Works Health & Wellbeing Networking | May 2024

Community Works organised a great Health & Wellbeing Networking event at Brooklands Park focusing on being “Nurtured by Nature” and we were asked to host one of the talks and speak about our beekeeping and educational project at Brooklands Park.

We met some great local community groups that have amazing projects and support the local community.  We will be working together with some of these great organisations and offering our educational workshops and talks.

Born from a common passion to connect communities with pollinators – our mission is to increase the pollinator footprint locally and champion conservation, and our ambition is to educate future generations on the importance of the humble bee (and of course all other pollinators). One of the ways we do this is through educating people of all ages through our talks or educational workshops, working together with the local community.