Meet the Bees Sessions 2023

Meet the Bees 2023

The group: A mixed group of adults / Children (minimum age 10 years old) – maximum of 6 people per session, open to the local community for people all abilities. We held 4 sessions this season and checked hives Liz and Roger during these inspections.

The lowdown: In each session, we open up educational sessions to the local community to ‘Meet The Bees’. Dates are limited as we need to control how much time we spend opening our hives, and have to consolidate this with our weekly inspections. Priced at just £30 per 2 hour session, these sessions are ideal as the perfect foundation for your beekeeping journey.

Edu session: Our Meet The Bees sessions provide a two-hour training course introducing beekeeping basics and the fundamentals of bee and pollinator conservation. Importantly, we ensure all guests are adequately suited and booted for entering the Apiary to participate in a live hive inspection and meet our Worthing bees.

In summary: Our ‘Meet The Bees’ sessions are invaluable educational opportunities for people interested in beekeeping, nature and conservation. Importantly, the money raised also help our CIC volunteers continue our work protecting pollinators. As a C.I.C., our volunteers work for free and all proceeds from our Meet The Bees sessions are reinvested directly into our conservation projects, educational workshops and community efforts.

Meet the Bees Dates for 2024 will be released in Spring 2024.

To enquire about our Meet the Bees Sessions please contact us at