Meet The Bees!

With the start of beekeeping season upon us, we are excited to release our ‘MEET THE BEES’ dates for 2023!

We have 4 sessions available on 3 dates: 1st July (AM and PM), 15th July and 15th August. Places are limited to 6 people per session and tickets cost £30 per person.

Education is at the heart of what we do – and our Meet The Bee sessions provide the perfect foundation to start your beekeeping journey. We provide a two-hour training course introducing beekeeping basics and the fundamentals of bee conservation. Importantly, we ensure our guests are adequately suited and booted for entering the Apiary to meet our Worthing bees.

As a C.I.C., all proceeds are reinvested directly into our conservation and community efforts.

Contact us at for more information.