Bee Hosting

We want to create a positive environmental culture by growing the pollinator footprint locally through hosting and partnerships. We believe everyone can make a difference; and are proud to call our honeybee hosts true Bee Pioneers!

Garden Hosting: In spring when beekeeping season is well underway, the managed colonies can start to build rapidly, and we often need additional space for hive splits, and nuc management. Many of our beekeepers use their gardens for overflow, but we also have generous local community hosts, who have the space and resources to house our hives, either on a temporary or permanent basis. We currently have various sites across Worthing, supported by our amazing beekeepers.

Wild Bee Hosting: Our first log hive was installed in a sycamore tree at, Breathing Spaces barnyard in Sompting. An important location, connecting the downs to the sea. Wild bees quickly arrived and populated this organic hives, which are designed for maximum thermal efficiency, and optimal height reducing stress and maintaining steady temperatures. The Breathing Spaces team manage organised walks to this Downland site, so you can discover how wild bees live! We are currently looking for a second ‘wild bee’ host for our beautiful mounted organic log hive. Watch this space..

Farm Hosting: A mutually beneficial hosting arrangement. Whereby the Pollinator Pioneers will set up, manage, and maintain the honeybees on site, in line with our aim to grow the pollinator footprint. The property owner will procure and host the bees, and benefits through pollination of the farmland. Farm owners can leave hive management to the beekeepers or actively join in and benefit from onsite weekly training during inspections.

Partnership Hosting: Similar to Farm hosting, this is a ‘mutually beneficial’ agreement with strategic groups around the town. We partner with organisations that are passionate about wildlife, raising awareness, and helping pollinators thrive. Two years ago, Splashpoint hosted two of our hives on their rooftop!

Providing a suitable environment is agreed, and subject to our Risk Assessment and Hosting Terms and Conditions, hosting is an enjoyable and rewarding way to support vital pollinators! Please do get in touch if any of the opportunities above are of interest to you.

Our Wild Bee Tripod Hive

Sompting Farm Hosted Bee Hive

Installing Our Wild Log Tree Hive