The Algaenarium

In June 2019, we created a weekend extravaganza celebrating all things seaweed.

Highlights of the weekend included soothing spa treatments with seaweed-based oils and infusions in a seafront marquee provided by holistic and award-winning professionals. The community enjoyed organised talks and workshops about the local marine environment. We coordinated guided seashore walks and provided seaweed stalls offering some of the best products from the British Isles.

Seaweedy tales of selkies and kelpies and castles that lie deep in the depths of the ocean were created by Storyteller Siân Jones. Marine Conservation expert Alice Tebb educated us about Kingmere Marine Conservation Zone, a protected area off the Worthing coastline.

DJ and bar were provided by Manuka, and seaweed-infused fish n’ chips from the fabulous Proto Group. The event kicked off with a beach fire on Friday evening and included several bracing sea-swims.

Throughout August 2020, we worked with our resident phycologist, Stacey Manser-Knight, to offer four Summer Seaweed Safari’s. An immersive trip through the natural rock pools along the East Sussex coastline to forage, feast and share our passion for the wonders of seaweed, and its many uses.

In August 2021, Foraging chef, Stacey Manser-Knight joined our three-day ‘Bees & Seas’ event conducting workshops on the versatility of seaweed, working with the community to make a variety of exciting seaweed products.

Plans are afoot for a ‘sea-themed’ event in 2023, encompassing all things ocean! Please contact us if you would like to get involved, volunteer or help out. All ideas are welcome!

Seaweed Foraging Safari’s

Home-made Seaweed Face-masks at the Festival

Seaweedy Mermaid Tales at the Algaenarium