The Pollination Hub Makeover

The Pollination Hub Makeover is powering ahead at Brooklands Park as our Bee Pioneers continue to work around the clock to transform this ‘once disused council yard’ into an ecological natural asset and teaching Apiary for the local community!

Pollinator Forage
Planting has been our absolute priority across the site, the last 3 years. Creating forage for pollination is one of the most important biological processes on the planet, as pollination fertilises and produces the next generation of plants including the fruit and crops that we all eat. Increasing the green space around us is important in combating climate change as plants and soil absorb carbon emissions from the air. Last year, The Friends Of Brooklands Park worked hard to create, build, design and seed 10 community planters within the heart of Brooklands Park.

The Eco-Friendly Green Roof
Finally, in April this year, after months of planning, fundraising and preparations our brand new ‘green roof’ arrived! This monumental piece of work was designed and planned by Lisa Craik – and her partner, Stuart Youldon, engineered the project and built the roof for us. This will not only help insulate our Brooklands Apiary storage container but, importantly, will provide a habitat for birds, insects and a whole host of additional pollinators.

Training Room With A View
MLI building products kindly donated two windows to us, and in May Stuart worked hard to install these at the site within our second classroom container. The containers were very charitably donated by the team at Sussex Transport for teaching and storage space. The windows in the classroom will allow clear viewing of the hives and, it is hoped, will enable wheelchair users further access to the Apiary and educational workshops.

Education and Workshops
Throughout May the Pollinator Pioneers have been teaching in schools, speaking happily with some wonderful primary school children. During the month of June, we are holding weekly 3-hour educational workshops for a variety of Worthing schools, colleges and inclusion units – all at our Brooklands Teaching Apiary. Four ‘Meet The Bee’ sessions are planned across the 1st of July (AM and PM), 15th of July and 15th of August. Places are limited to 6 people per session and tickets cost £30 per person. Please ‘Contact Us’ directly to book.

If you would like further information on community beekeeping or are interested in how our pollination hub can work with your school – please contact Lisa at

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