Worthing Honey Collective: Bee Inspection Day…

Another round of ‘Socially Distanced’ Bee inspections this week at Worthing Leisure Centre by our wonderful team of FoodPioneer Bee Keepers.

Liz, Polly, Violet, Tony, Neels and the team were very pleased to report on four thriving, active and healthy hives. Stores, space and brood looking good.

Our beautiful Queen Bees ‘Beeyonce and Latifah’ are the biggest and busiest of the colonies. Latifah, as always, is a force to behold…Queen Agatha seemed very chilled today as is typical of her character. Broodica – who was requeened last year with brood from Agatha – seemed calm this week. We will keep a close eye on these two to ensure they are still the mean Queen Bees we need for developing the hives.

Our next steps are the supers and getting the spare hives ready so we can add space or split the colony as and when needed. It’s going to be BEE a busy summer for the collective.

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